Reducing your costs


In order to propose a strategy to reduce occupational health and safety costs, we require access to the financial data in your CNESST file.

The complete management of a company’s financial CNESST file encompasses several aspects:

  • Categorization in one or several classification units
  • Analysis of the data contained in the financial file to identify priorities
  • Preparation of requests to change financial regime, if necessary
  • Calculation of choice of limit (retrospective plan)
  • Evaluation of the impact on employer experience reporting, in connection with the purchase or merger of a company
  • Evaluation of the impact of the costs of a workplace accident file
  • Reduction of imputed costs (claims transfers/sharing/management)

Request a free evaluation of your file to receive an occupational health and safety COST REDUCTION strategy.

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DR Conseils provides a complete analysis of your CNESST file free of charge. A diagnosis is then made in order to present you with a detailed proposal, including, if necessary, any recommendations for improvement and the required budget.

DR Conseils can provide you with the following services, according to your needs:

  • Cost reduction plan
  • CNESST claims management
  • Advice and representation
  • Training and presentations
  • Prevention mutuals

In order to perform our analysis, we require access to the financial data in your CNESST file. Therefore, please complete the authorization form below.

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