Prevention Mutual

Prevention mutual groups are insurance products designed for SMEs and offered by the CNESST since 1998. They consist of employers who commit to reducing the number of workplace accidents through prevention and to promoting rehabilitation, return to work and the preservation of employment relationships with injured employees.

As a result of the volume effects of a mutual, the CNESST offers rates that reflect the efforts made by significantly increasing the rate of personalization.

Members of our mutuals benefit from a Defense Fund that ensures that they do not incur any hidden costs. Thus, all fees for medical expertise, litigation and representation are covered by our Defense Fund.

Why Choose DR Conseils Mutual Groups?

When you join our prevention mutual group ( please use French form ), you gain access to our team of prevention and compensation experts in case of an accident. It is thanks to them that over the years, the premiums of all members of our prevention mutual groups have seen significant reductions in relation to unit costs.

All members of DR Conseils prevention mutual group are proactive with regards to OHS and that is why they join our mutual groups. In fact, the contribution rate of each member influences that of the mutual group and it is in their interest to contribute to our success.

Thus, it is thanks to the mutual group’s volume effect that DR Conseils can offer its members rates that reflect their efforts.

For companies subject to the retrospective plan

The CNESST uses a specific method to establish the amount of the premiums for companies that pay approximately $325,000 or more in premiums per year: the retrospective plan. These companies cannot join our mutual group, but other methods are used to reduce their costs.

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La mutuelle DR Conseils prend en charge :

  • Prevention
  • Claims management
  • Medical expertise
  • Disputes and representations before the various bodies of the CNESST