Outsourcing is a business model that allows businesses to better control their costs and to focus their efforts on their primary activities. For over thirty years, DR Conseils has been providing a clientele composed of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as public and para-public organizations, with an outsourcing model that can be tailored to each organization.

Advantages of Health and Safety Outsourcing

Occupational health and safety is a multidisciplinary field that is in constant evolution and that requires knowledge of industrial hygiene, ergonomics, law and regulation management, financing management, as well as occupational injury management.

Hiring an employee with such broad expertise is difficult for SMEs. As for large companies, they can appreciate the flexibility and improved process control that outsourcing can provide.

A Partner in the Quest for Efficiency

Companies who have chosen to outsource health and safety understand that working with an experienced disciplinary team contributes to increasing the productivity of the project, which reduces the associated costs.

Thus, considering all of the direct and indirect costs associated with hiring an employee, it quickly becomes obvious that outsourcing is more advantageous. That is where DR Conseils comes in.

Our Health and Safety Outsourcing Model

Over the last several years, DR Conseils has developed a health and safety outsourcing model that can be tailored to each organization. For each mandate, we assign a team  composed of a senior occupational health and safety advisor who acts as health and safety coordinator and a technical and administrative team.

According to the needs of the company, we can also manage prevention, as well as the entire compensation and financing file, in addition to providing training for managers and all personnel.